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 Α15  Galvanized Shaft 60x60

 Α15  Certification Α15 for Galvanized Shaft 60x60


Galvanized shafts are available at specific dimensions from 40x40cm to 70x70cm, with the possibility of tailor-made dimensions upon request.

For the optimum adjustment of the galvanized shaft 60x60 with its surroundings we offer the solution of coloring with the RAL of your choice. Our shafts are waterproof and can be used in any floor opening, are coated, thus invisible.

The solution of absorbers is non-applicable in the case of an galvanized shaft 60x60cm, since its small filling space (2cm) makes it too light to endure.

Construction material:
Galvanized sheet metal frame and cover. (2.5mm frame width, 2mm cover width, 2mm sheet metal width from the lower part).

Waterproof shaft cover coated with the surrounding material. After being set up and coated, its visible surface projects no more than 5mm.


  • It does not corrode
  • It does not block
  • It secures with screws

Applicable in every space and construction:

  • Underground pool engine rooms
  • Tank shafts
  • Hydraulic and electrological installation shafts
  • Sewage shafts
  • Biological cleaning shafts

Setting: it is easy for everyone on condition they observe the specifications delivered with the keys and the cover.


  • As a simple cover without assist
  • Dimensions from 40x40cm to 70x70cm

Tech Spec

Net manhole opening
60cm X 60cm
External manhole dimensions
72,5cm X 72,5cm
Weight (without filling)
25 Kg
Frame height
Depth of filling
Sealing rubbers
Lifting handles
INOX screws
Filling material
Tile - Marble - Wood
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