HomeInstallation Method

Installation Method

Step 1

Removal of old Manhole

Step 2

Placement of bolts perimetrically of the Base

Step 3

We install the manhole with bolts

Step 4

Interior insulation of the trapdoor

Step 5

We always put the accessory on the water dripper

Step 6

Exterior insulation of the trapdoor

Step 7

Finished manhole

Step 8

Filling the manhole with Sikaflex in order to place marble

Step 9

Laying marble on the manhole

Step 10

We follow the joints of the rest of the marbles

Step 11

Laying tiles externally

Step 12

We protect the joints with paper tape

Step 13

Filling of tile joints with grout

Step 14

Placing paper tape

Step 15

Placement of elastomeric material perimetrically

Step 16

We unscrew the screw

Step 17

We insert the key in order to open the trapdoor

Step 18

Finished manhole

Step 19

We always screw the screw